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Composer Paul ST aka Paul Stirling Taylor

paul st


Paul Stirling Taylor (aka Paul ST) is an internationally recognised composer. He is known for his diversity in music production for film and television and in particular for scoring-to-picture the prime-time network police drama, Taggart. He has composed theme tunes and music cues for many National Geographic shows, Nat Geo Wild, Hit Entertainment, and Parthenon Entertainment, scoring-to-picture on Lions Behaving Badly, Legends of the Ice World, Bear Evidence, DMZ Korea's Forbidden Zone, Last of the Dragons, Porpoises - Life and Death in the Fast Lane, Zambezi - Force of Life, Gorillas - From the Heart of Darkness, and Jaguar Man, to name a few. 

Paul’s portfolio extends to working on a number of STV projects including TV series -  Mountains of Scotland, Lighthouses of Scotland, Six Moments in History and Artery.  He has composed themes for BAFTA Scotland, the Scottish Regional Grampian News - North Tonight. And compositions for the multi-award winning short Devine, children's TV CBeebies - Same Smile and BAFTA Scotland winner Big City Park produced by Sixteen South Television.

Paul's knowledge of music is enhanced by having worked as a composer in film and television and as a songwriter and producer in the commercial music industry. Prior to his career in film and television, his métier as a songwriter and producer was established in the pop industry in London. He was managed by John Reid and mentored by Sir Elton John and his publishing consultant Jim Doyle, whose clients also include Ed Sheeran. Paul's band KIK toured with David Essex and A-Ha for two years and was promoted by Mel Bush.  Paul has extensive experience of creative collaborations with a number of artists and musicians, such as, Molly Duncan, saxophonist and founding member of The Average White Band, Limhal, lead singer of Kajagoogoo, Samantha Fox, recording and touring with her worldwide on the Pleasure Zone tour, Dave Mattacks, drummer from Fairport Convention, David Patton, bass player of the Elton John Band and with record producers Stuart Epps, and Bryan "Chuck" New amongst others. 

Paul signed his first album 2001 Pop Odyssey, a fusion of pop and indie music, to EMI Music (now Sony/ATV), and has since made a number of electronic dance tracks, chillout tracks, and funk tracks with EMI Production Music KPM, Music House, Juice Music, and FTV media. His music is on albums such as Chilled Cuts, Classic Television and Radio Themes, Scotland's Mountains, The Chillout Lounge, News and Views, Drama Beats, Upbeat Funky Beds. His tracks have been used as background music on television shows including American Pop Idol, Coronation Street, Tonight with Trevor McDonald, So You Think You Can Dance, Transworld Sport, Ultimate Force, America's Most Wanted, Mega Factories, Wanted Down Under, Ultimate Factories and Trip of a Lifetime.

Music is a way of life to Paul, he learned to play the piano as a child and joined The Scottish National Orchestra junior choir, singing as a soprano soloist where performances included The BBC Proms. In his teenage years, he learned how to play the guitar, bass, wind instruments, percussion, and drums. Working as a composer he has honed his skills, immersing himself in the world of both electronic music and orchestral music. "One example of how I like to work is with a strong melody with ethereal vocals, and entwining interesting beats with electronica, compelling string, wood, and brass sections, breathing deep dynamics into my sound with resplendent atmospherics."


Throughout his career, Paul has been committed to nurturing young artists and philanthropic work. He wrote and produced a song for the ITV Telethon, which he recorded at Abbey Road Studios with singer Maxine Harvey from The KLF, along with twenty school children. Television presenter Judith Chalmers was presented with a cheque on Live Aid from funds Paul raised from performances in London's Hippodrome and Stringfellows. Paul also performed piano live at Òran Mór, raising money for Yorkhill Children's Foundation, an event organised by Rose Marie, Founder, and President of the RT Burns Club.


"Recognising the past, present, and future in music is paramount, as music styles keep changing and observing those changes and staying on the cutting edge continues to be my focus working in mainstream music."




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