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Easy listening piano, including the bonus track "Piano In Space" from my Youtube video . Photo and backdrop are views from my window, where I sometimes sit writing. I love a big production, yet I also love the pure simplicity of this beautiful instrument, and how you can pour your feelings out.


This is how my music journey started. When I was just a kid aged about 7 my grandmother encouraged me to take up piano lessons after I spent much of my time fumbling around with the keys at my grandparent's house when visiting. So I've been playing the piano and writing tunes since then. This album is hopefully just the first I intend to release, and it really just scratches the surface. Even when composing bigger scores, quite often I start the idea on piano and build from there. Sometimes the pieces become so large, the piano can be lost in the mix. So what's nice about these tracks is they are purely piano solos or tracks firmly based around the piano. 
Enjoy! Paul x

For a limited amount of time you can download this album for free for your own personal enjoyment, and you can share the music with your friends on social sites.

Please use the contact page for licensing inquiries.

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