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paul st


Film and Television Composer  



34 Episodes (69, 71-103)


(List of credits - see below)


Grampian News, STV North evening & daily news, Theme and stings


Same Smile

Theme Songs and Incidental Music 

Series 1 - 14 episodes 

Series 2 - 26 episodes 

BBC Scotland/ Cbeebies 

Directors: Adrian McDowall, Kat Woolfe

Executive Producer: Sara Harkins, 

Producers: Sara Daddy, Rachel Bazeley  


Big City Park 

Theme Songs and Incidental Music 

26 Episodes 

BBC Scotland/Sixteen South TV

Creator/Writer Executive Producer: Colin Williams, 

Executive Producer: Sara Harkins, 

Producer: Dougie Napier

Director: Richard Bradley


Big City Park (Segments) 

26 Episodes Director: David Wachs


Educating Jay (60') 

Emotion Films 

Director: Shannonn Kelly


Spirit Of Scotland Awards

Theme and Stings



BAFTA Scotland Awards (Theme and Stings)


Executive Producer: Agnes Wilkie


Lions Behaving Badly (60') 

Parthenon Entertainment

Discovery Channel and Nat Geo

Executive Producer: Carl Hall


Last Of The Dragons, (60')

Nat Geo, HIT Entertainment, 1x hour Film 

Executive Producer: Carl Hall


Zambezi Force Of Life (60')

Dr Rudolf Lammers Naturfilm Produktion

Producer: Phil Coles

Production Manager: Kendal Carnell

Executive Producer: Carl Hall

Bear Evidence (60')

HIT Entertainment/ National Geographic

Producer: Phil Coles    

Executive Producer: Carl Hall


Last Of The Dragons (60')

HIT Entertainment / Nat Geo

Executive Producer: Carl Hall


Rwanda's Lost Tribe (60')

National Geographic

Parthenon Entertainment

Executive Producer: Carl Hall


Gorillas From The Heart Of Darkness (60') 

Nat Geo & HIT Entertainment 


Korea's Forbidden Zone (60') 

Parthenon Entertainment 

Legends Of the Ice World (60') 

NDR Naturfilm & Parthenon Entertainment

Jaguar Man, (60') 

NDR Naturfilm & Parthenon Entertainment 


The Real Fight Club, (60') 

Parthenon Entertainment, Nat Geo

Porpoises: Life And Death In The Fast Lane (60')  

National Geographic/ Parthenon Entertainment


Devine, Short Film

Writer/ Director Angela Murray

Channel Four/ Film Four


Mountains Of Scotland, STV Six part series

Director: Malcolm McKissock 

(Also available on DVD and soundtrack available on iTunes as “Scotland’s Mountains”)

Six Moments In History

Producer: Agnes Wilkie

Director: Dennis Mulligan

STV Six part series


Run (Title Theme Song)

Short Film

Producer: Autonomi

Director: Peter Mackay Burns


An Solas Buan 

Lighthouses Of Scotland, 

Director: Malcolm McKissock

Producer: Agnes Wilkie

BBC Alba/ STV/ CCG 6 part series, 


Artery: Nets On Canvas (60')

Executive Producer: Agnes Wilkie


Nomads In Space, (60')

Suevia Films/ HIT Wildlife

Directed by Oleg Beljalow, and Ralf Pfeffer

The Dummy, Short

Writer/Director: Heidi Bartlett

Cineworks, BBC, Scottish Screen

Man At The Window, 

Eight and a half minute film commission 
BBC Scotland, Short Film Factory, Scottish Screen, Glasgow Film Office 
Producer: Kathy Speirs nee Proctor
Director: Heidi Bartlett
Writers: Drew Tasker, Mike Dear


Changing Shape with Carol Smillie 

Universal Video    


Reelheart International Film Festival (Trailer Music)

Director: Shannonn Kelly


Film and TV Music Placements   


STV  Nightshift 


E! True Hollywood Story


101 Juiciest Hollywood Hook Ups


True Hollywood story: Simon Cowell 

E! True Hollywood, Hugh Heffner: Girlfriends And Wives

American Pop Idol


Coronation Street


Tonight with Trevor McDonald

So You Think You Can Dance 

Transworld Sport 

Ultimate Force 

Ultimate Factories

Wanted Down Under

Mega Factories


Trip Of A Lifetime

America's Most Wanted

Bella Boris Og Berta, Netherland (BUMA) Films

Totally Wild, Australian (APRA Films)/ Croatian (HDS)/Norwegian (TONO)

Rent Hus li, Swedish (STIM) Films

True Hollywood Story, Chilean (SCD) Films

Love Chain, Danish (KODA) / Malaysian (MACP) Films

Faking It, Malaysian (MACP) Films/ Polish (ZAIKS)

Fifth Estate, Polish (ZAIKS) Films

Detekywi, Polish (ZAIKS) Films

W-11 Wydzial Sledczy, Polish (ZAIKS)

Sport Science, Singaporean (COMPASS) Films / Spanish (SGAE)

Baby Story, USA (ASCAP) Television and Cable

Crime 360, USA (ASCAP) Television and Cable

Headline Attacks, USA (ASCAP) Television and Cable

More Headline Attacks, USA (ASCAP) Television and Cable

Sgorio, S4C 

Eorpa, BBC2 Scotland Primetime

Pro Teams Rugby, The Bridge Advertising   




Taggart Credits


Eric Coulter, Executive producer


Graeme Gordon, Producer


Music by Paul Stirling Taylor


All episodes directed by:



- The Rapture (2010)  Patrick Harkins

- Local Hero (2010) Adrian McDowall

- I.O.U. (2010) Mike Alexander

- Fact and Fiction (2009) Ian Madden

- So Long Baby (2009)  Morag Fullarton

- The Knife Trick (2009) Patrick Harkins

- Grass (2009)  Ian Madden

- Cold Reader (2009) Adrian McDowall

- Lifeline (2008) Ian Madden

- Crossing the Line (2008)  Morag Fullarton

- Homesick (2008) Patrick Harkins

- The Caring Game (2008) James Henry

- Point of Light (2008)  Patrick Harkins

- Safer (2008) Ian Madden

- Island (2008) James Henry

- Trust (2008) Ian Madden

- Judgement Day (2008) Patrick Harkins

- A Study in Murder (2008) Morag Fullarton

- Genesis (2008) Ian Madden

- Pinnacle (2007) Mike Alexander

- Tenement (2007) James Henry

- The Thirteenth Step (2007) Justin Molotnikov

- Users and Losers (2007) Ian Madden

- The Best and the Brightest (2006) James Henry

- Law (2006) Ian Madden

- Dead Man Walking (2005)

- Do or Die (2005) Morag Fullarton

- Cause to Kill (2005) James Henry

- Running Out of Time (2005) Ian Madden

- A Death Foretold (2005) James Henry

- A Taste of Money (2005) Morag Fullarton

- Cause and Effect (2005) Patrick Harkins

- Mind Over Matter (2005) Morag Fullarton

- The Ties That Bind (2005) Patrick Harkins





Scotland’s Mountains

Soundtrack Album from STV series “Mountains Of Scotland” on iTunes, Amazon


2001 Pop Odyssey - Music House MH 81

CD double album: 

Come On Darling

I Love You

In Your Face

Mr Shine

Love Is In The Air 

Esta Anthem

Your Not The Last


Electric Dreams 

Dr No Beat

Native Lights 


Rock You Blue 

Retro E, Prayer Wheel 

The Message

Human Touch 

Heart Attack

Single Out

Plus 20 instrumental versions and additional edits of the same titles


Classic Television and Radio Themes – KPM Music KPM 433



Positively Chilled - Music House MH 72

Electric Vibes 

Ripple and Flow

Close To Home

You Chill

Get Brassy

Laidback Living 


Chilled Cuts - KPM Music KPM 468

Funk Ya Very Much

Too Cool To Funk

Neon Nights



Cloud Nine - Music House MH 47

Funk Da Groove


Chilled Lounge - Music House MH 59

Sunshine Smiles

In High Definition 


The Vibe - KPM Music KPM 628 

Sly and Funky 


Upbeat Funky Beds - KPM Music KPM 664 

Funk Drop 

Level Up

Burning Radiance

High Life


The Chill Out Lounge - Music House MH 41

Electro Spheres


Drama Beats - KPM and JUICE Music JM 4

Deadly Strain



Dusk Till Dawn - KPM Music/ FTV Media FTV 7



Chilled Beds - KPM Music KPM 583

Magic Moon

Up and Out

Wait No More



Ambient Collections - EMI Music House MHA 30


Satin Clouds


This Is Chilled - KPM Music KPM 477


Chill Dream 



Funky Fly

Barrier Reef

Elastik Love


News And Views – Music House MHE 85



Entertainment  - KPM Music  FTV11

Pressure Point


Focussed Mind

In Motion


Chilled Grooves - Music House MH 80

Disco and Glow


Club Culture - KPM Music KPM 545

Club Beats 


Laid Back Beats and Pieces - KPM 711

Space Hoppers

Start The Funk

Warm Afterglow

Dr Feel Good


Mixed Bag 1 - KPM Music/ FTV Media Online FTVOL 1


Dark Streets




Alternative Rock - Chappell Music CHAPAV81

Don't Look Back 

(Ian Robert Anderson, Jeff Rose, Martyn Ford, Paul Stirling Taylor)


Just One Night by Samantha Fox - Jive Records

Saving It Up (Paul Taylor, Samantha Fox, John Durno)





Music with Photography



The Macallan - New Distillery Launch 2018

Composed music for the reveal of the renown whisky company's new distillery and official photographer of the launch night, including photographing the projection mapping.

The event produced by Genie Events


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