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Epic movie theme perfect for action and trailers. 

Epic Thunder (Premium)

  • Premium License

    Our PREMIUM license allows you to use the Recording in a single Project :


    Commercially Distributed* Project that is otherwise permitted under a Standard License


    In an advertisement distributed in a single Territory**:

    • (i)on television (whether distributed via broadcast, cable, or in an “on-demand” context)
    • (ii)on the radio,
    • (iii)Out of Home (e.g., digital billboard) or
    • (iv)in theaters.


    In a film or theatre production, provided the budget for such film or theatre production does not exceed (USD) $2,000,000


    In point of sale locations, provided all such locations are located within a single Territory**, including but not limited to usage in:

    • (i)shopping malls,
    • (ii)point of sale systems,
    • (iii)in-store displays,
    • (iv)showroom videos,
    • (v)trade shows, industrial fairs and exhibitions.


    **A Territory shall be a single sovereign nation.

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